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With a vision of becoming the most respected controlled substances company in the world, our mission is to produce highly sought after and needed products and services on a foundation of science, social responsibility, and regulatory expertise.

We offer state-of-the-art analytical testing, as well as the extraction and processing of a wide range of quality cannabis products.

Salvation is currently a late-stage standard processing licence applicant and is poised to receive licensing for our fully built processing facility in the coming months enabling commercial-scale oil extraction and capsule production.

Rather than operating as a fully vertically integrated firm, Salvation sees more potential in partnering with cultivators, such as hemp farmers, significantly reducing risk to our bottom line while increasing the diversity of our product line.

With one eye on the existing market and one looking ahead, Salvation will address the pressing unfulfilled demand for CBD products while also positioning ourselves optimally for the market’s shift towards high-potency cannabis, and, beyond that, to other unique products such as psychedelics substances for research and eventual medical use.

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Square feet of Fully Built and Paid For Testing and Processing Space.

2.0 B

Fully Capitalized Extraction Capacity in Milligrams of CBD per Year


Annual testing capacity

$90 MM

Fully Capitalized Production Revenue per Year


Extraction & Processing

Performs extractions from various cannabis strains, and formulates standardized products for the Canadian market, including solvent-free, vegan oils, capsules, oral sprays, and sublingual strips. Upcoming regulations will open the door to rosin extracts, distillates, and vape cartridges, while future product lines will feature edibles and topicals.

Salvation Botanicals
Salvation Labs
Salvation Bioscience Analytical Services

Conducts independent analytical services, full spectrum testing, and consulting, and has developed proprietary methods and protocols to ensure accuracy and reliability using customized state-of-the-art equipment.

Salvation Biomass
Hemp Biomass & High-Grading

Purchases and sells hemp biomass to processors applying technology to high-grade and stabilize low-cost material from our suppliers into high-CBD products.


New regulations in October 2019 will introduce edibles, smoking oils and high potency products to complete legalization.

With a keen dedication to processing and a customer-centric outlook, Salvation is poised for explosive growth potential as we enter the cannabis market at a critical time: Just as Health Canada expands the Cannabis Act to include edibles, extracts, and topicals.

As these products all require cannabis extraction and the market shifts to reflect forthcoming regulations, Salvation is set to capitalize on Canadian consumers’ growing preference for discreet, smokeless products while simultaneously filling the gap in demand for CBD-dominant oils and capsules.

Salvation is positioned to both provide and process the raw ingredients necessary to produce products within these emerging categories, effectively doubling our opportunity for growth.

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We see psychedelics as the next wave. With the recent decriminalization of psilocybin in Denver and Oakland, as well as the FDA granting a therapy designation for MDMA-assisted psychotherapy, Salvation is proud to take a step beyond cannabis as we look to the future of medicine. Keeping in line with our values, we will work collaboratively with clients to ensure high standards while working to develop products that can be used in research settings and beyond.


Salvation Labs is strategically positioned to capitalize on psychedelic research with a dealer’s licence under the Controlled Substances Act. We’ve also partnered with Numinus, a Vancouver-based start-up that aims to facilitate guided psychedelic therapy for individuals suffering from mental health issues, addiction, and trauma. Together, we look forward to leading the charge in developing research-backed psychedelic treatment options.